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My carpets looked great. Good job, good value… I’ll have them come over again ~Steve (Bellpark Geelong)

It’s amazing the difference these blocks made. I was impressed by their competitive pricing and money back guarantee, they are worth every dollar ~Derek Smith (Highton Geelong)

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1 Room  : $40.00

2 Bedroom + Lounge room  or 3 Rooms : $70.00

3 Bedroom + Lounge or 4 Rooms : $80.00

4 Bedrooms + Lounge + Hallway : $120.00            

5 Bed + Lounge + Hallway : $150.00    


We use the latest machinery imported from Italy. To put it simply, it is Italian engineering at its best. The machine uses very little water (no more than 5 litres for a standard 3 bedroom unit with a lounge). The machine injects steam into the carpet while it shampoos at the same time. That means there is no need for strong chemicals; hence an environment friendly clean that both your pets and children will appreciate.


Small Business Customer Service Award in

 2013 and 2014

by Golden KEY international survey

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