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My carpets looked great. Good job, good value… I’ll have them come over again ~Steve (Bellpark Geelong)

Handy Cleaning

It’s amazing the difference these blocks made. I was impressed by their competitive pricing and money back guarantee, they are worth every dollar ~Derek Smith (Highton Geelong)

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1 Room  : $60.00

2 Bedroom + Lounge room  or 3 Rooms : $105.00

3 Bedroom + Lounge or 4 Rooms : $130.00

4 Bedrooms + Lounge + Hallway : $170.00            

5 Bed + Lounge + Hallway : $200.00    

Handy Cleaning


Handy Cleaning

Grime and dirt can build up anywhere, especially in an office that has dozens of people walking through it on a daily basis. Mud can come in on shoes, crumbs can be dropped at lunch time, and drinks can be spilled – and that’s only the dirt you can see! How much more remains unseen, tracked deep into the carpet where a mere vacuum can’t lift it? It’s therefore important to employ regular office cleaning services to ensure a hygienic environment for your employees and clients. If you’re looking for a trusted provider of eco friendly office cleaning in Geelong, including exterior pressure cleaning in Geelong and carpet steam cleaning in Geelong, look no further than Handy Cleaning Services.

The Importance of Professional Office Cleaning and Maintenance

The last thing any employer wants is employees who are frequently sick or unwell, or who are miserable in the office and are therefore unable to work effectively. Clean offices contribute largely to the happiness and productivity of the average worker. In addition, the mould spores and bacteria that can settle into carpets over time can cause illness and allergies, making regular office cleaning services recommended to keep employees happy and healthy.

It’s also important to maintain a clean office exterior so you can make the right first impression on clients and visitors. An office that’s in excellent condition will be welcoming and leave your clients with a good first impression of your business, while a dirty or old looking office may deter them from returning. Fortunately, with our professional office cleaning services, you can make sure your office is putting its best foot forward.

Why Choose Handy Cleaning Services for Office Cleaning Services?

The experience we have gathered from over ten years of cleaning gives us a competitive advantage over many companies when it comes to a quality finish. Because we have no franchise fees to pay, our cost is kept to a minimum, allowing us to deliver the highest quality eco friendly office cleaning at competitive prices. We also utilise the latest commercial carpet cleaning systems and techniques for the best results. Put us to the test and find out how we can help make your office look almost new! To learn more about our office cleaning in Belmont and Geelong, or to obtain a free quote, contact us today.

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